Best Beauty Buy – CC cream

L'oreal's selection of CC creams

L’oreal’s selection of CC creams

A few years ago I’d never even heard of BB creams (blemish balm) or CC creams (colour control/correcting), now the make up isles are full of them. I caught on to the latest make-up must have during the summer and haven’t looked back! I bought L’oreals’ anti-redness CC cream for £9.99 in Boots and seeing as I still haven’t got through a whole tube yet use it everyday it was a tenner well spent. That’s the first good point I have to say about it – you only need the smallest amount of it to have an effect, it spreads easily unlike the texture of some cover up sticks I use.

The brand also have an anti-fatigue version and anti- dullness CC creams. I chose the anti-redness because I’ve always suffered from outbreaks of spots and sometimes my face looks like a giant patch of red soreness! admittedly, I’m not saying this product completely covers the spots – nothing ever will – but the reduction of redness was clear from the first use.

I use it as a base coat before putting any other make up on. I love how it feels like a magic cream – the green liquid gradually blends into your skin tone and creates a smooth, part covered base coat. One bad point about it is that it is just one shade, although the green is supposed to blend in it is a lot darker than my skin tone and this is why I put my main foundation which is a bit paler over the top of it to even out the colour. The cover effect is the best out of all my products though. I never leave the house without make up but if I was in a rush I would happily go out with just a layer of CC cream on. For such a thin layer it does such a good job. Instantly reducing redness and evening out the tone of your face if you put it all over – it could be used as just a cover up for your red patches.

The liquid is so light which I love compared to heavy feeling foundations which make you feel caked in makeup. As a liquid it can be quite shiny, but nothing a layer of powder won’t even out! The smooth moisture is unlike any other foundation I’ve used before, it’s almost like a tinted moisturiser within itself.

Other CC creams on the market are No7 (£14.95), Max Factor (7.99), 17 (6.99) or for a bigger investment Cliniuqe Moisture Surge (£28.00).

I’m always conscious trying new make up products once I’ve got used to my usual routine. But this is the best produt I’ve bought in a long time and one I will now forever rely on for a cover up base coat. Light weight, silky smooth, even tone and covers up – what more could you want for £9.99?!


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